Residential Services

Hudson Valley Community Programs and Services offers a variety of residential alternatives for people who experience disabilities. The residences are structures from most restrictive to supportive, providing every individual with an opportunity to live in a home that enhances their independence and supports their specific needs. It also allows for progression to less restrictive homes based on the readiness of the individual

We have two Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), for individuals with specific medical and/or behavioral needs where we have 24-hour on-site assistance, intensive clinical and direct care services, and supervised activities. We also have seven Individualized Residence Alternatives (IRA), six of which are supervised care (round-the-clock staffing) while one is supportive care (occasional staffing). Our residences in total house 66 beds along with two at-home residence habilitations.

A person's independence and inclusion in the community are primary concerns in designing the supports and services for all those within the residential system. Each of the residences are centrally located to public and special transportation. In addition, each of the residences have accessible vans so as to enhance the opportunities available to those residing within the group residence. 

Within close proximity to each residence are several hospitals. Shopping centers are available within minutes of the homes to enable easy access and community integration. Bowling alleys, movie theaters, accessible camping facilities, and museums are among the many recreational opportunities available to the residents.