Day Programs

Hudson Valley Community Programs and Services overs a rich array of Day Programs. These programs afford opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as individuals who have experienced Traumatic Brain injuries, to participate in a variety of educational settings. 


Day Treatment
Day treatment is considered to be the most structured and supervised day program for adults with severe disabilities. It offers comprehensive services that primarily focus on activities of daily living & increasing an individuals independent functioning level. This is accomplished though daily living skills training, with focus on any of the following areas:

Behavior Management                    
Occupational and/or Physical Therapies
Speech and Language Therapies
Socialization Skills
Pre-Vocational Skills Training
Social Work Services

Day Habilitation
Day Habilitation focuses on skills development, increased self-sufficiency, and community integration for adults with developmental disabilities who are 21 years of age or older. The day habilitation services are available to individuals who participate in the Home and Community Based Services waiver and are designed to meet the individual needs and interests of each participant. The most important components of the program are participant choice and community integration. Day Habilitation includes a structured class day staffed with teachers and aides that stresses the improvement of cognitive functions.

Those who participate in Day Habilitation may receive clinical services through a community based, diagnostic and treatment center. 

Structured Day Program
The Structured Day Program is available to individuals who want to receive services through the HCBS/TBI waiver who are Medicaid Recipients and have been diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury incurred after the age of 22. These are individually designed services, provided in an outpatient congregate setting, to improve or maintain the waiver participant's skills and ability to live as independently as possible in the community. Services in a Structured Day Program may include assessment, training and supervision of, or assistance to, an individual with deficits in self-care skills, medication management, task completion, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportation skills, reduction/elimination of maladaptive behaviors, money management skills and ability to maintain a household.