Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association is a non-for-profit, human service organization that has been serving individuals who experience disabilities throughout the Hudson Valley since 1988. Over the past 27 years, the Agency has grown as it continues to provide innovative and effective services to all members of the community.



MAY 2nd 2018

Local top chefs come together to serve a seven-course tasting feast using local and seasonal product.

This dining event is for food connoisseurs and is Benefiting The Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association.

Participating chefs include:

Rich Parente, Clock Tower Grill, Brewster (host)

Michael Cutney, Twisted Oak, Tarrytown

Emily Chapman, Undefeated ChoppedChampion Reap & Sow Supper Club

Peter Milano, Dish Bistro & Wine Bar, Mahopac

John Poiarkoff, Restaurant North, Armonk

David Santos, Um Segredo Supper Club, NYC

Brandon Walker, Essie's, Poughkeepsie

Guests are invited to a VIP reception featuring Hervé Rousseau, champagne expert and owner of the acclaimed Flûte Bar & Lounge and hors d'oeuvres prepared by the acclaimed Chef Jerry Daniele of Ace Endico.

Adult Services

Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association offers a wide range of educational, residential, and rehabilitational programming to of those in need of support and services. Our facilities and staff are equipped and able to handle people of all abilities and offer them a full range of care in the process. 

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Children's Serivces

Hudson Valley Early Childhood Programs primarily serves children in our community experiencing developmental disabilities. In addition to our specialized classrooms we offer two integrated classes of 12 students, where children who experience disabilities can learn alongside and from their peers. Hudson Valley is also home to an integrated Day Care Program, which is open to anyone in the community who would like to offer their child a wonderful and unique learning experience.

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In an effort to inform and empower parents or guardians of those we serve, ew believe that we, as a group, must hold our leaders and elected officials accountable for the actions they take and the impact those actions have on our lives. We hope to supply you with resources so that you may pursue what needs to be done to change the system and make it user friendly. 

Advocacy & Opportunities for Change